Drybrook Surgery Update

Outcome and decision of the NHS Gloucestershire Primary Care and Direct Commissioning Committee on 17th April 2023

NHS Gloucestershire understands the importance of Drybrook Surgery to the local population. We are pleased to share productive news for patients of Drybrook Surgery.

After a very conscientious consideration of all viable options for the surgery’s future, the Primary Care and Direct Commissioning Committee reached a decision to pursue a six-month caretaker contract, with a view to running a procurement exercise for a long-term solution to start from 1 December 2023.

Discussions will take place with a selected provider(s) between now and 28 April 2023 to test the viability of this option. If a viable caretaker contract can be agreed, the procurement for a longer-term solution will begin as a matter of urgency. If we can agree a caretaker contract, NHS Gloucestershire will provide further updates with information about the range of services that will be available, including how all patients will be able to access their prescriptions.

However, because we must ensure that all patients can access GP services, if a viable caretaker provider cannot be secured by 28 April 2023 (by secured we mean that we have a written commitment to take on a caretaker contract with the contractual arrangements still to be agreed), we will have no other option but to disperse all patients registered with Drybrook Surgery to other local GP Practices in the area following the cessation of the temporary contract with Mitcheldean at the end of May 2023.

In this situation, patients would not need to take any action, as NHS Gloucestershire would provide support by allocating them directly to a neighbouring practice (using a geographical mapping exercise) and writing to let them know which practice they have been allocated to. They would, of course, after the allocation, have the choice to re-register at an alternative practice if they live within their catchment area (practice boundary).

We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to share their views and ideas.