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 Welcome to Drybrook Surgery 


This year the Group has met on a number of occasions to discuss some the changes taking place in the Practice including the extension of on-line access for patients to enable access to parts of the clinical record and the implemenation of the Friends and Family test. The Group has also spent time reviewing the practice surveys carried out each quarter by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department of Health.


The Equipment Fund / PPG has discussed requirements for additional equipment and over the course of the year has made a number of purchases to allow a number of priorities to be met.


1. The couch in the Treatment Room had been causing problems for some time and was sometimes difficult for the nurses to raise or lower parts of the couch. On other occasions parts of the couch had moved unexpectedly and it was felt to be unsafe. The Equipment Fund agreed to funding a replacement.


2. The Healthcare Assistant's room is a multi-purpose room with a number of functions from taking blood for tests to ECGs and immunisations etc. For some activities a couch is required for others appropriate seating that allows the healthcare assistant easy access to the patients' arm to take bloods or blood pressures. The small room was cramped and did not provide the ideal accommodation for patients. We looked at the possibility of replacing the couch with a phlebotomy chair. This type of chair can be quickly adjusted and for example can be reclined if a patient feels faint. It can also be converted to a couch for ECGs. The Equipment Fund supported the purchase and we were able to redesign the layout so that the room works better and there is more space.


3. The surgery has a library of books that can be loaned to patients. This included "Treat Your Own Back" books. Back problems are common and often they can be treated with appropriate exercises. These books are easy to read and follow and are much used by patients. The numbers of these books had been reducing due to wear and tear and the failure of some patients to return the books they had borrowed. The Equipment Fund agreed to purchase more books. This is a good example of a small investment going a long way. The books cost about £12.00 each but each book can be loaned many times.


4. There are a number of notice boards in the surgery and a multitude of leaflet holders. We provide a wide range of information for patients but finding anything on a particular topic can be difficult and the notice boards are unfocussed. We wanted to make things easier to access for patients and give the main noticeboard a theme that is changed at regular intervals. Members of the PPG have agreed to take responsibility for keeping things up to date and changing the noticeboard at monthly intervals.


The PPG has submitted a formal report to NHS England detailing the composition and activities of the Goup this year. This link will display a copy of the formal report.


The surgery is grateful to the Equipment Fund / PPG for their time and effort and contribution to discussions. We always welcome new patients to the group. If you are interested please contact the Practice Manager.



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